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Savotta Big Bad Stove

Found this big bad stove from Motonet store. I noticed that there were other brands too at least in Prisma, but those were feeling like a toys compared to this.

As seen it fits really small package and is thus quite optimal for motorbike trips where you wont have huge amount of room for big thigs. Getting it ready for use is simple, first take three walls then floor and finally front wall. You need twist it bit to get it locked in place.

If you have Trangia, coffee pot and others are fitting nicely to big bad stove. Or you can make some sausages just on fire.

So It was time to fire bike and go to real test. Weather was really nice +4 and sun was shining without any clouds in sky.

Once good place was found it was time to setup Big Bad Stove and enjoy coca-cola and sausage. it was really easy to fire up, but I had so dry wood with me. It should also work with sticks from forest. Anyway now there is so much snow that I didn’t want to start looking those.

I was happy how it worked and it also looks nice.

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