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Adventure Spec riding gears

End of 2022 riding season I had the opportunity make some investment to new riding gears. I have been using same old Yoko Jätkä 2 jacket and pants 3 years no matter is it summer or winter. I must say that I have been pretty happy with those gears too, but maybe it is marketing or thinking about high quality and flexibility of Adventure spec clothes. One of the main things were also the fact that products are done inside EU, instead of some factory in China. So I would expect these clothes to be durable and serve their purpose more than enough. For reference I am 188cm tall and bit less 100kg. Waist is 107cm (yeah I know should drop weight and get six-pack).


I was waiting this product as, I have been riding with just jacket protection and in hot days Yoko jacket has been too hot so, if I just would have slim protection jacket I could use that under hoodie or some other jacket. As usually when ordering something from online store it is always mess to know sizes. Luckily Adventure spec launched page called real world sizes. It helped as some of their people had pretty similar measurements that what I had.

I ordered XL and it seems to be pretty prefect for me, if something I might would take 1cm more for sleeves in cases where I would use thumb loops, but I rarely use those anyway. Of course those are perfect in cold weather conditions as it will bit block wind coming directly to your skin.

Material is really stretchy and feels comfortable to keep on. One positive side is long back side and shirt is generally quite long so even me with long back, it works nicely and stays in the pants even you are going down and rolling around whole day.

I have been now using this shirt regularly since I received it and no other complains than that as I was having it hanging from neck patch, it broke and also made hole to shirt. So maybe better to hang it some other way just to stay safe side.

Linesman jacket

Along with supershirt I bought Linesman jacket. Again it there was issues to determinate right size. I went to XL as with Supershirt. Once I received jacket I noticed right away that it was not good choice. While it was good in waist and chest it was too tight from shoulders and my monkey arms hit again so sleeves were bit too short. I was testing jacket several times but it was feeling like that even with jacket own armours and same if using Supershirt under it.

So I needed to send it back and swap to 2XL. (I ordered first order using DHL Express and packet come really fast. Once I swapped jacket to other size, new jacket was send to me by using DPD and it was really really slow It was like 2 weeks to get jacket back)

Anyway 2XL jacket was received and now it was feeling right away much better from shoulders and sleeves were long enough. Of course chest and waist are is now bit too big, but I can live with that. what I really like though not yet used as got these so late this year, is how you can take sleeves of from jacket if it is hot day. I believe that will be something that I will use a lot when going in single trails at next summer.

Linesman jacket has side pockets as in normal jacket then two ventilation pockets in chest and two in back. In back you have also big pocket that is planned for sleeves. So if you get hot take sleeves of but those to big pocket and ride on.

Jacket is windproof, but not waterproof. I was testing this jacket in weather +10 and it was ok if you are not going highway speeds, it was also raining a bit but jacket didn’t leak so there is some sort of water resistance at least as they mention in Adventure spec web page.

During winter I will be using my old Yoko jacket as it has separate insulation jacket. So it keeps me warmer than this, but this will be the main jacket for spring, summer and autumn next year.

Linesman pants

I was planning to buy Mongolia pants first, but once I changed some emails with Adventure Spec support. They were saying that those pants are made for really hot conditions and might not be best for Finland. They also told that new Linesman pants should be better for bit colder weather. So I decided to wait those even date was bit unclear when those are coming to stock.

Month ago waiting was finally over and pants were available. I was really thinking again what is correct size for me. I measured my waist and as said I got 107 cm. I Changed that to Inches and got 42. That was largest size what they have for this pants. I use 36 in my jeans, but those are not so comfort that I would like to use those several days in row. Then I measured my old Yoko pants and those were pretty close 107 cm. Sadly those don’t have any inch measurement just says XL. So once again bit emailing and also got general email from Adventure spec that they are using vanity sizing so if measurement gives 42 you can select 40. So I selected size 40 and Tall leg. That turned to be perfect for me. So hopefully this will help someone who is thinking what size you should select.

First ride was close to compromised as I got flu and was not able to take bike out in three weeks. Luckily there was one more nice day coming and then I was out. You can see Video in end of this post and it has also some comments about clothes. Turn subtitles on as video is speak as my native language. Anyway even it was rather nice day +8 and sun was shining it was also really windy day. The fact that pants are not windproof was noticed instantly once I stepped outside. Anyway I wanted to use these even it was getting bit chilly between legs. Just to get some feeling out before snow was coming.

Once I get my self off from bigger roads to forest and single trails it cold went away and these pants were at home. Those are super stretch and really comfortable. Almost feels like you don’t have anything on. Even when you are checking something under bike or you roll or twist you legs like mad man these pants are not limiting anyway what you are doing.

I’m sure these are great spring, summer and autumn pants. For winter I will keep using my old Yoko pants as those has windproof layer and I can hook also thermal layer to those that is important in winter conditions. When weather warms a bit these will be my choice.

Single Trail Jacket

As mentioned earlier linesman jacket is not waterproof and if you want to stay dry you need to take single trail jacket. This jacket has big ventilation pockets in both sides to keep you cool in summer. It has also hood that can be set under helmet so that it prevents water going in from neck. Otherwise jacket is quite simple and fits perfectly top of linesman jacket.

Ordering this was pretty straight forward as Linesman jacket was already 2XL I basically don’t have change (or need) to take other sizes as layering system is build that one sits top of other in same sizes.

I have had used this jacket only in 3 rides, so I cannot yet give absolute hard judgement for it. Anyway It holds wind as expected. Rain I need to test next summer since all water that is coming to ground here currently will be snow. So I leave bit more room to tell my final opinion during next summer, but so far so good.

So many clever details on this jacket, let see how those will work once it is raining heavily.

Alpine Windproof Gloves

I ordered these gloves in same time when I ordered supershirt. Alpine Windproof Gloves surprised me, I have been using these in rather cold weather like +5 and those have been quite ok. Of course I have heated grips so that will help a lot. Anyway when I first time used these cloves I was thinking that it is difficult as thumb is missing touch screen option, but now when I’m used to use middle and index fingers to zoom in and out its ok like that. Must mention that touchscreen is working pretty nicely with these gloves on. I have other gloves too, but on those you need to tap several times to get device to register touch. Those are super comfort and well once again I haven’t used other gloves since received these.


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