Adventure motorbiking

Here you will find photos, videos, blog and my notes about motorbike fixing.  Currently I’m driving with KTM 690 Enduro R so tips and tricks etc are focusing to that.  

I mainly ride in Finland, but target is to visit also in Norway near future. Feel free to drop a message if you know some must see places in Finland. 

Hope page gives you nice vibes and maybe some new ideas and places to visit. 

Audi stuff

I have been driving with Audi from first car that I  owned.  It was Audi 100 2.0E and I have had couple A6 and A4 while coming to this day. 

When you stay in same manufacturer car long time it gives some good benefits like you already know weak points and of course there are active people in internet that are telling how to DIY some fixes. 

Idea is to collect here some photos and blog entries what comes up with my Audi

Popular Posts

Android Navigation apps: OsmAnd+

By Antti - / 14/09/2022 / 11 Comments
(last update 12.09.2023) Quite often there is question that what is best navigation tool for TET or other driving. I have used 2 apps named OsmAnd and LocusMap. This post will go trough some basic functionality of OsmAnd+ so it...

P2015 Intake manifold flap position sensor

By Antti - / 15/04/2022
Sometime ago I got engine error light on. This was actually first time ever that it has lighted up in any of my cars. I have VCDS error code reader, so it was time to hook laptop to car and...

Adventure Specs Mini Fairing with Samsung Active TAB 3

By Antti - / 20/04/2022
I was looking several navigation towers, but those were feeling quite expensive. Then I found Adventure specs mini fairing. Only thing that I was bit unsure how it would fit to KTM 690 Enduro bike. After some discussion in Facebook...

ACC and Audi braking guard: unavailable

By Antti - / 21/02/2022
So this was information that I got to my dashboard after I was driving in rain and then there was -5 in night so everything was freezing. Of course this happened when I was 700km from home so returning to...

Adventure Spec riding gears

By Antti - / 21/11/2022 / 2 Comments
End of 2022 riding season I had the opportunity make some investment to new riding gears. I have been using same old Yoko Jätkä 2 jacket and pants 3 years no matter is it summer or winter. I must say...

Silverfox Bluetooth Controller

By Antti - / 12/03/2023
I have been looking long time some sort of controller for navigation system that would be installed to handlebar. There are several different manufactures out there and prices are starting from around 80e to 280e depending several things. Hesaparts -...

Oil and filter change for KTM 690 Enduro R 2009

By Antti - / 24/04/2022
This bike has quite long oil change interval and that was also one reason why I bought it. I don't want to change oils after every drive session. Though 10 000km sounds long. I have changed those after 2 or...

KTM 690 enduro R fuel pump replacement

By Antti - / 01/03/2022
As I mentioned in WAW post KTM fuel pump is quite easy to get overheating if you run with too low fuel. While I was in WAW drip I run out of fuel and after that my bike started to...

4 days, about 2200km story about TET Finland south loop

By Antti - / 02/07/2022 / 2 Comments
Couple weeks ago I was starting my bike for longest trip that I have ride with my lovely bike. There was many saying that with KTM it means that I will come back with trailer. But as trip is over...

FI error code Input signal from pressure sensor of induction manifold too high/low

By Antti - / 21/05/2022 / 1 Comment
I was getting this error right when outside temp was getting above 0. I was driving slowly with second gear mostly then it was hitting first time. Engine start running roughly and and error was flashing in dashboard. Well stopped...

Adventure Travel

Adventure will start from the moment that you fire up your bike and start riding. Sometimes you don’t need plan where to go just check local roads and you will find places where you would not have go with car or otherwise. 

But sometimes you want to get some where and planning route there will take time. At least if you have some sort time frame when you should reach your destination. 

There are plenty of good tools to make routes and plan those like Locusmap that has now days also Web planner tool that makes things even more easier. OsmAnd is also good and you can create different kind of profiles there. 

If you want to just get out and not plan trip by yourself, take a look TET page.  There are free GPX routes to many countries.  Just download GPX file and import that to your navigator and adventure is waiting for you! 

Remember to support TET to keep it updated.

COming events

Moto Adventure days 2024

Moto Adventure days 2024 is coming and there has been some changes, like limitation to bikes over 600cc is removed. Anyway event is still planned for bigger bikes, but this allows also people who has just started their offroad career to participate with smaller bikes. Like CRF 300L or KTM 390 adventure. Also there is now possibility to inform that I want to try this color or I will manage it for sure. So it will make groups more equal for speed and pace.