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New section to TET Finland

There has been long time discussion with TET-Finland linesman, about getting more sections to north and now there is first addition done.

I got initial draft of route after discussion and promised to drive it trough to see that roads are legal and there isn’t any no driving signs. Day was supposed to be sunny, but it was actually cloudy and some drops of rain. When I left from home there was +20 and when I arrived to end of section there was still some snow in forest.

Initial plan was go trough Muhos, after completed susikaarrontie. Then drive trough Arabiatie and from there to Pälli powerplant and then road 8300 to Utajärvi, but it was noticed quite fast that its too much tarmac there and no fun. Arabiatie is anyway nice place if you are driving in that direction.

Short clip from Arabiatie.

Anyway there was better road with minimum tarmac from Susikaarrontie to Utajärvi that was then chosen to trail.

First we have good unpaved road, but in susikaarrontie there is some soft sand. If you dont like that you can take route that is mark as green colour. Next part takes you to nice small roads to Utajärvi. Roads are small but not too difficult even with bigger bike. Trail goes next to Liimanninkoski, where you can take a break.

From Utajärvi to Puolanka there is first some tarmac road, but after that rest of the trail is unpaved again.

You can check video from trail here:

Again I recommend to take extra detour and visit Hepoköngäs that is not too far away from trail. Hepoköngäs is one of the biggest waterfalls in Finland.

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