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Broken coolant hose

It was nice day and we decided to go out riding. Everything went nicely until after riding in some soft sand section I stopped and huge amount of steam was all over the place. I quickly noticed that one coolant hose had puncture on it and coolant was firing directly to exhaust.

So, It was time to do some hacks so I could get home. I had some water with me and tape. Plenty of take was used to get it stay even somehow, but I can tell you that tape is not sticky if it get even small amount of coolant to it. So i was first putting so tape around in then I put zip ties both sides of puncture. This was just to keep tape in place better. Then I rolled even more tape around hose. Water to radiator and riding back to home. Luckily there was only something like 20km to home, so not too long way.

Once I got home I was ordering both hoses even other one was ok. Hoses part numbers are 76535024000 and 76535025000. When comparing new and old ones must say that old ones were quite swollen and soft. Change job was easy and now I have new hoses that should last several years again.

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