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Adjusting speedometer between supermoto and enduro tires.

If you are changing from 21″ / 18″ enduro setup to 17″ / 17″ supermoto setup it is recommended to adjust speedometer. Otherwise it will show wrong speed information. I had long time supermoto settings there and it seems to generate 10 km/h difference when using enduro tires. Meaning that when you check speedometer you will see 80km/h, but actual speed is 90km/h.

So here is short tutorial how to change tire size correct.

First remove front mask so that you can access wires behind of it. Look pink wire that is leaving from speedo meter. Follow it to adapter and disconnect adapter.

Turn power on to bike so that speedometer gets lights on. (When speedometer starts it will display current length couple second)
Press right side button so that you can see mode 1 (trip 1)
Press both buttons same time 10 seconds and tyre length can be inserted.

If you are moving from enduro to supermoto set 1870 to length (17″)
If you are moving from supermoto to enduro set 2205 to length (21″)

Finally press again both buttons to store value.
Turn power off from bike.
Connect pink wire adapter.
Turn power on again and check that it will display correct length in start up

Insert light mask back on and happy riding.

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