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Day in Raahe and riding TET Section 3

I was visiting in Raahe in one sunny Sunday as my friend had bought brand new Honda CRF300L for winter bike. Our plan was ride Part of section 3 loop and enjoy great weather and of course ear delicious sausages.

Trip didn’t start too well as my bike battery was pretty much dead once I tried to start it. Luckily there was motorbike club nearby and they had charger available.

Finally we were able to start our trip, but when we stopped after 20km of riding. We noticed that my soft pannier was gone… Or it was not gone it was just hanging there between bike and spike tire. So All my gears, tools, firewoods and sausages were some dropped somewhere in the trail. Merino wool shirt was around rear sprocket but we get that off rather easily. I ride back and was able to find my tools and gloves, but sausages were totally smashed. Change to plans and we need to stop in some gasoline station later.

Anyway after this small accident rest of the day was really great. We had fun times is icy roads and some deep snow sections. Overall this winter has been good as there has not been too much snow that would block riding in forest roads. (though if you go more north and east roads are blocked that is sure)