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P2015 Intake manifold flap position sensor

Sometime ago I got engine error light on. This was actually first time ever that it has lighted up in any of my cars. I have VCDS error code reader, so it was time to hook laptop to car and see why light was coming on.

Then it was time to start googling and luckily this was quite common issues and there was cheap solution to fix issue.

I was ordering parts from ebay and those were shipped from china, anyway that part has not arrived even I have waited 2 months now. So back to ebay and ordered part again, this time I checked that it will be shipped from UK. Part was received in 1½ week, so it was time to install it.

Next problem was that when I ordered second part from UK, I ordered wrong type. There are two types of parts that are solving this issues. Smaller one that is mean to cars with plastic intake manifold and bigger that is mean to aluminium intake manifold. So I had the small one and it didn’t fit. This time I bought part trough Facebook and got it next day.

So finally it was time to install part.

It was easy operation, Just remove engine cover and locate intake manifold. In Audi A4 B8 2.0TDI it is rear side of engine. Remove one support bolt. Then insert metal bracket around lever. You might need to force lever bit up from it idle position to get bracket in place correct.

Once bracket is in place correctly, insert intake manifold bolt back and tighten it well.

Finally clear error codes.

And now we are happy to go again without any lights.

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