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RS Grill install

This project was quite simple, but there were some things that was taking time more than expected. One was of course that I was missing some tools to access torx screws. But lets start from begin.

I looked RS grills from many places like and ebays and aliexpress. While I was looking grills one went to sale in AliExpress so I ordered it from there. Price was ok and free shipping was offered.

Grill was well packet and quality was ok. There was RS6 badge, but it was removable so it can be easily taken away. There was also chrome Audi badge that fits to grill.

So Time to install it…

First remove park sensors, those can be quite thigh, but will popup eventually.
Secondly there are several screws that will need to be removed. Some of those are really hard places and hard to see like ones that are front of crash bar. This is not an issue if you remove whole front bumper, but as I didn’t want to do that I needed to fight bit more with these screws.

Once all screws are taken off there are several plastic clips that will keep grill in place. Those needs to be released and grill will come off.

As crash bar is not visible when using stock grill it was left unpainted. So as it is visible when using RS grill it was necessary to paint it with black or then it would too visible and not looking good. Black paint to it and installation can continue.

Last issue that I faced during project was that grill didn’t go deep enough as seen from from image.

Once I took those off grill was fitting in nicely.

If you have any questions or you need help just drop a comment.

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