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WAW 2021

The World adventure week was organized by KTM with Riser app. Idea was that in one week you need to complete certain challenges and drive more than 1000km. More about event can be read from here

As grant price was new motorbike I needed to opt-in (unfortunately I didn’t win). Also there was promised some personal gift those who were completing event.

Some of challenges were quite impossible to accomplish like the ones on Tuesday and Thursday ones. It added some pressure to get others completed. 390 KM in one go was something where I needed to set supermoto wheels to by bike and use tarmac roads to reach such long trip in one day. If riding off-road (like really offroad) it is hard to reach like 200 KM / day.

Here are some images from long trip: Ylikiiminki – Kiiminki – Yli-Ii – Pudasjärvi – Syöte – Puolanka – Vaala

While heading from Syöte to Puolanka I was again running with low fuel. I was really hoping to reach Puolanka fast as there wasn’t have any gasoline stations between Syöte and Puolanka. ( I know, I know it was my mistake should always take gasoline when possible) Anyway finally I ran out and trip paused. Luckily I made it almost, 1,5km to nearest gas station. So it was doable… KTM 690 has anyway fuel pump that does not like to run low fuel as it gets too hot and stops working. I didn’t notice issue in this trip but after this trip bike started to shutdown always if there wasn’t have enough fuel in tank. So I needed to replace it, but its another story.

Finally I ended to Vaala and I had 394 KM in board. Mission accomplished!

When I left from Vaala and was heading back to home I noticed that sprocket was really loose. Even I was on gas station ABC they didnt have tools to tight them up. I was asking tools from couple motorists but they didnt have tools either. After 20 min, there was one really nice person who had tools and was mentioning that he drives too with motorbikes and is always happy to help.

As mentioned earlier I didn’t win the motorbike but got card and some stickers from KTM and in the end adventure and trip was most important part of this event.

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