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Doubletake Mirrors – Adventure

Ok new mirrors arrived, and first thing that I noticed was there are differences between mirror and mirror. I mean the mirror itself in doubletake image that you see from mirror is really clear compared to those cheap ones that I was using earlier.

Here is package content so basically mirrors and then some RAM-Mount stuff to get those in correct place. Meaning that you can quite easily also modify this with other RAM-Mount accessories.

Installation to KTM 690 Enduro R bike was easy and there wasn’t need to use any adapters even those were also included.

One thing that I noticed is that mirrors are more close to me than the previous one, so it will take same time to get used to it. In short test drive I was able to adjust mirrors in quite ok and also there way less vibration in mirrors compared to earlier ones.

Hopefully these will last, but well now I have lifetime warranty so that is good.

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