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Stalling issues and Tune Ecu program

After MAD event my bike started to suffer popping in exhaust and bike was stalling easily when you released throttle. This come even more worse when weather got colder. First I was sure it was just that I need to calibrate TPS with 15 min idle reset, but once I was trying to do that it was failing and bike was able to idle around 40-50sec before it was stalling.

I was changed spark plug and spark plug cap, but no changes. Then I looked Valve clearance and did some adjustment to those, but it was still failing to run 15 min. I updated different maps to ECU with TuneEcu application and when I made map 5% richer bike was running bit longer bit eventually it was stalling.

This was hint that issue was in fuel side, so I got new fuel pump and filters and hose. When I took fuel pump out I right away noticed that fuel hose was in bad condition and limits the fuel flow.

So I changed new pump, new filter and hose. After that bike was working again without any issues and 15min idle reset was working without any problem.

Here is Video where I explain how TuneEcu program works and how you can use it to update maps in your bike. Note that only 08 – 13 or was it even 16 bikes are supported.

Check this link for more details and help