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Night ride

Summer times it is possible to ride all night as its not getting dark. Of course it is good to reminder that there are lot of animals moving in night time so keep focused while driving.

I visited in Utajärvi last summer and took some smallest roads to get there. Couple times I needed to reroute my track as it was leading right to swamp or forbidden places. Anyway with small changes it was great trip and some really nice scenery.

Here was initial route, but once I got to Utajärvi the track middle of river was not allowed for motor vehicles. (at least some parts of it) So needed to re-route that section. And when headed back to home there was swamp that is mark as red in map.

As I needed re-route river section at Utajärvi there isnt too many images from there only one where I crossed Oulujoki.


Heading back to home and there where great sections and I was at some point bit worried that if I get stuck to some soft spots, but it went without any issues.