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Bosley’s Pegs

One mod that I made after long thinking was Bosley’s pegs upgrade from stock pegs. As I’m quite tall 188cm, I have had slight problem to find good standing position. Initially I bought riser for handle bar, but that made bike controlling really difficult in soft sand. Risers I ordered from Ali Express and those can be found from here.

Anyway after I used this bit longer and especially in winter it was turning out that bike front was really unpredictable and caused many close situations. So I went back to original ones and and back to thinking how I could make riding position better.

I have looked Bosley’s pegs long time, but those has been bit costly and still those are and as those are sold as dollars it has turned to be quite bad as dollar is in high compared to Euros. After long wrestling I decided to order those and after after some difficulties to reach Radan (maker of pegs) I was able to place the order. I needed to create Revolut account to speed up money transfer. First I needed to move Euros to Revolut account and then I withdraw those to USD and finally I was sending money to Bosley pegs. Bank transfer is also possible but as it might have taken bit more time I decided to go with Revolut.

My order was:

  • KTM690 -30low / -20back (8) RALLY size POLISHED = 151,18USD
  • 20B-type POLISHED = 20,75USD
  • TNT = 39,23USD (3-5days)

It was really fast delivery from TNT and I was able to start installation to bike.


Changing pegs is rather easy task and don’t take more than 30min (if you don’t lost some important sockets 🙂 )

As I took Rally size pegs those are quite much bigger than stock ones. Really good when my XM boot size is 47 so new begs are feeling really supportive under those.

As pegs were coming 30mm down and 20mm back I also ordered brake tip lowering as it could be difficult to use brake if tip is much higher than pegs.

I have been riding with these now 4 moths and standing position is now much more natural, in same time I didn’t lose control in soft sand or snow. Now bike comes more naturally between legs and I can feel bike between knees.

I’m really happy with this mod and the feeling that those provides while riding.

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  1. Pentti Puputti

    Honda Transalp 650 vm. 2002 madallus molemmat jalkatapit alemmas normaalista 50 mm. Miten onnistuu/löytyy?
    Tangon korotuspalat samaan pyörään 22 mm tanko korotus20-60 mm ?

  2. Pentti Puputti

    Löytyykö Honda Transalp vm.2002 madallus jalkatapille rally versiona.
    Hinta ja toimitusaika?

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