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Oil and filter change for KTM 690 Enduro R 2009

This bike has quite long oil change interval and that was also one reason why I bought it. I don’t want to change oils after every drive session. Though 10 000km sounds long. I have changed those after 2 or 3000km depending bit what type riding I have had.

First take of skid plate, Then warmup engine so oil will come out easier.

Start from left side of bike. Behind gear shifter there are two bolts, one in right side is oil drain plug. Take it away and most of the oil will come off. (Make sure have some container where oil comes so those are not all around)

Oil drain plug has magnetic head at it collects metal dust from oil. So once you take it out clean it well, so no metal is going back to engine.

Next remove oil screen, if you don’t have full replacement kit that includes screens too clean them with brake cleaner or similar and compressed air to remove all metal and other dirt particles. (OEM full kit is sold with part number 00050000069)

Then remove oil filter. It is bit difficult to remove and I used metal wire hook, but I also noticed that strong magnet will work there too.

Then move to other side of the bike. There we have one screen and second oil filter.

you can turn bike side by side to get all oil out. Also clean up oil filter holes from old oil. Once all (or at leas as much as possible) old oil is out insert new filter and screens.

Move back to left side of the bike and install screens and filters and finally oil drain plug.

Finally add new oil to engine. This engine has 1.7l oil capacity.

Once new oil is in engine, start up and let bike idle for a while so that fresh oil get to filters.

I made also video about process: