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Syyskivetty 2022

23-25.9.2022 there was motorbike event called Syyskivetty. Event idea is go to Kivijärvi and there is ready made trail that everyone can ride with groups.

Actual event day was Saturday, but as we were coming from Oulu are we left already on Friday to head to Kivijärvi. We covered about 340km on Friday and we used TET Finland route (Section 8 and then Section 2) that went directly to Kivijärvi where we had booked Cabin.

Day 1:

Sun was shining and feelings were great. We meet in my place and then started our trip. We took some awesome trails and were able to stay quite much on unpaved roads. In the end of the day when sun was getting down, it started to get quite chilly out there. Anyway we arrived around 20:00 to cabin and we had time to visit in local store to get some food for evening.

So Route was Oulu – Pelso – Keisarintie – Kestilä – Kärsämäki – Pihtipudas – Kivijärvi. We modifield route a bit since we wanted to check some alternative possibilities for current TET route.

After Töröläntie it started to get chill and we still had around 60km left to Pihtipudas and from there again about 50km to Kivijärvi. So more clothes on and continue!

short video about day 1:

Day 2 event day:

Event started around 9:00 in morning. From our cabin it was around 40km drive to event place so we needed to leave quite early from cabin. Morning was starting really foggy and you didn’t see far away. It was quite magical feeling to drive trough several lakes and sometimes it was complete clear and then you see mist fall ahead you and then again you don’t see anything. Shame that my camera was pointing bit too down in morning and could not get too much good video out of it.

In event place there was plenty of bikes and people were staying on tents or in inside of HQ. We bought some stickers and T-shirts to support event. After some walk around place and discussions with others we decided to start day and headed to trail.

Trail started with bigger roads, but after while we ended some really nice small road that I personally hoped to last longer as it was so nice. Sadly it was maybe 1 or 2 km only. Roads were various types and what made me happy that there was some nice rises and some downhills that we don’t have here in Oulu area.

One road contained hole and in the hole there was rock. Many bikes hit to that and it caused some issues like twisted rims or broken spokes. In our group Norden 901 was suffering twisted wheel and as tire was tubeless it started to go slowly empty.

Before we were getting to Pihtipudas where we were planning to have lunch and fix Norden 901 tire we needed to pass hardest section of whole event. It was really hard but also fun and everyone was able to make it with some help at least.

After this section we were heading to lunch and bike fixing break. We tried to install inner tube several times without success. It started always leak again when we filled tire. While fixing tire it was noticed that my bike was missing Rear axle nut. That was really fatal issue. Luckily there is huge power in group and one knows one who know someone who lives in Pihtipudas and might have spare part. So we called around and were able to get spare. That was really lucky situation as otherwise my event would be ended way too early. Finally we needed to call again to same person and ask if he can help with Norden tire too. He promised to pick bike to his garage and fix bike. Others continued trail while Norden was in workshop.

So we continued trail with 4 bikes and about after 1 hour we already got information that Norden is fixed. Anyway as we didn’t have much left from 300km trail it was agreed that we meet in cabin.

Roads in afternoon where nice forest roads. Not too difficult but nice views and fast to ride.

Finally we were back in cabin and visited again in store to get something to eat. Whole day weather was just perfect, could not believe it was autumn time since usually it is raining all the time.

Video about day 2:

Day 2 Bonus:

While waiting Sauna to warmup and getting some food ready we decided to go to check some open hut that should be quite nearby. It went quite rough terrain and in final we didn’t even reach to open hut as it was getting dark. Anyway target was to get some sweat on before Sauna and that we accomplished.

Short video about that:

Day 3:

We slept bit longer and cleaned cabin. It was time to go home and it was totally new route for everyone. I was planning it before trip and I was eager to see how it is. So we started bikes and starter to head towards Ylivieska.

Sun was shining again and roads were amazing. I didn’t even had time to take too many images as we were enjoying endless gravel roads.

After we arrived to Ylivieska we took road next to railway. It was nice road even it was quite straight one. Some nice jumps and in one place road was closed due to maintenance work that they were doing there but we took some Enduro path to get back in bigger road and go around that place.

Finally we were on Liminka. Some high fives there as some went to Oulu via motorway and some took detour through Tyrnävä.

3days over 1000km and lots of fun and good memories.. what else you could ask.

Video from day 3:

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