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KTM 690 Enduro R Swingarm, shock absorber and bearing maintenance

Last summer I had high maintenance time, everything started when I was riding in forest and when I landed from jump there was strange noise coming from bike. I looked that chains were bit loose so I rode slowly back to home.

Once I got home checked my front sprocket that was totally end as you can see from image.

So it was time to change chain and both sprockets. Friend who has same year bike said that it is good to change also Shaft Seal Ring (I bough 75033010010 repair set that holds other parts too) as it is easy job to change.

Well I can tell you it is not easy thing, unless you have right tools. I spend plenty of time trying to get that seal ring out, but finally I needed to get right tool for job and then it came out without any issues. I can recommend to everyone to loan or buy this tool before starting job.

Once you place new back use big socket and knock it slowly in straight to place.

While doing this I thought that I will install my Rally Raid KTM 690 REAR SHOCK COLLAR that has been in shelf long time waiting good time to be installed. While I was taking rear Shock Absorber away from bike I noticed that lower bearings was broken. So I needed to change that too. Part Repair Kit Bearings R15006

Bearing is not too easy to get out but my friend had hydraulic pressure tool and with that it was easy task. As you can see this bearing was totally end, not sure if it was never changed, but if not it was lasting nicely 13 years. I ordered spare parts and installing repair set was quite easy.

While shock absorber was away I was thinking that well same to check swingarm bearings. This was something that I had not done before. Anyway it was quite straight forward only problem was bolt that went trough engine. it was really stuck, but I was able to get it away by using some socket extension arms and hammer.

Issue with this is that those bearing “needles” will drop all around.

I cleaned linking lever and all bearings on it.

Swingarm “needles” were dropping to asphalt when I removed bolt. I recommend that you buy new bearing as those are costing around 30e and new is new. Anyway I did not buy new ones and tried to find all needles from ground. Finally I was quite sure that I found all and started to assemble those back to swingarm. I was counting that each bearing should have 37 needles.

In below images you can see that there was not too much crease on bearings (not sure if this was served earlier or not)

Finally it was time to put all back together.

When all was back and I was checking the rear wheel I noticed that bearing was broken there too. So I bought REAR WHEEL REP. KIT 75010015000 59€ and started to replace bearings. Once I Received new bearing I put those to freezer and started to remove old ones. Old ones were coming out quite easily by using heat gun to heat rim outside. Then I sprayed freezer to bearing and knock bearing out.

Once old was removed new is quite easy to get place. Just heat bearing base with heat gun and then take new bearings from freezer. Take big socket and knock bearings back to wheel. Remember to insert lock pins back. Finally insert covers back and you are ready to go.

Hopefully next summer is bit more service free, but this was giving plenty of new information to me how bike maintenance should be done. If you have any questions about these drop me message and I can try to help.