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Summer season opener 2022

There was nice warm week in Finland and many bikers were starting season. Usually if you want to drive offroads you need to wait bit longer as snow melts from forest quite slow. Thats why I created route that was combination of tarmac roads and off road. Same time it was first longer trip that I took GoPro with me. As I expected battery was running out half way of the trip. as weather was +7c it probably affects bit battery live.

Video is available in YouTube:

Amateur in action as I was shooting video 4:3 aspect ratio instead 16:9. Well next will be using 16:9.

All roads were more or less open and drivable. Only once I was almost getting brown pants when there was ice on road. Since battery was dead in half way of trip I took some photos in last part of trip. There was some really nice roads and views definitely need to take this route again later this summer.