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Silverfox Bluetooth Controller

I have been looking long time some sort of controller for navigation system that would be installed to handlebar. There are several different manufactures out there and prices are starting from around 80e to 280e depending several things.

  • Hesaparts – (~90e)
  • ARN Rally – (~150e)
  • Jaxe ADV / MRA BarButtons – (~40 -160e)
  • Carpe Iter Controllers – (~229-313e)
  • SilverFox Controllers – (~165 – 200e Currently on early bird sale)

End of last year we had some facebook discussions with Silverfox that they are planning to create this type Bluetooth remote. It was originally developed for BMW GS but it should of course fit to any bike. Most of the controllers are made so that you can use those with your thumb and those are located front side of handlebar. Silverfox approach is different and controller is in backside of handlebar. Case is also done from aluminum while most of the others are just 3d printed plastic cases. Final decision to purchase this was anyway idea to support local small business and Made in Finland is not too common in these days.

Carpe Iter

As you can see it does not move light / indicator switch like many other controller. Other thing that is different are the side buttons that you will use with index finger. I was bit unsure how good that is to use, but now after couple test rides those are easy to use. I still have hard times to remember buttons order so time to time I press wrong button, but I will get there for sure before summer.


So as I don’t have any warm garage all repairs are bit painful in winter times. Anyway had luck that it was only -3c while installed this controller and same time I swapped new battery to bike and Installed also new rear light.

Controller itself has two wires, positive and negative. Then you just need to find some power cables from bike. It is preferable that those are behind key, so it will turn power off when you shut down your bike. Otherwise it will stay on and even controller consumes really less power it might drain you battery empty.

In my KTM 690 Enduro R There were one power slot behind ignition and one that has constant power (I use it for USB charging). Previous owner has installed grip warmers already there so I needed to create Y-splitter to be able to attach Silverfox to same wires.

After that It was easy thing to attach wires and hook controller to handlebar. Anyway One thing that I noticed is that in KTM 690 you need to take clutch and mirror mount bit more center as otherwise clutch oil reservoir (or what it is called) , will touch the SilverFox mount. Not big thing but just for information.


Pairing Silverfox to your device is easy. Once you get power to device F1 button starts to flash it means that SilverFox controller is ready to pair. Open Bluetooth menu from device and see available devices or start new scan. You should see Silverfox B9 in list. Click it and accept pairing. Once pairing is done F1 or F2 button has constant light. Note that pairing needs to be done only once after that devices will find each other automatically.

Mapping Function keys

Controllers offers possibility to have 4 own functions when using F1 and F2 buttons. In order to map those to certain apps or actions you need to install some button mapper application from Google play (not sure if iOS devices this is possible)

  • Button Mapper: Remap your keys-
  • Buttons Remapper: Map & Combo –
  • Key Mapper –

I used the first one and it was pretty simple to use. Open application and select add button. Then press add new button and press F1 or F2 in controller. Then enable that button from menu and select what should happen when button is pressed. (More details can be seen in below video)

Just keep in mind that when controller is in F1 mode it is “map mode” when it is F2 Mode it is “dashboard mode”. Only difference here is that when you are in map application and if controller is in F2 mode centering button does not work as it has different purpose in “dashboard mode”.

MAP Applications:

osmAnd application works right away without any need of configuration.

Locusmap you need to open Settings -> Controlling -> Map screen -> Use Hardware buttons -> Enable. After this change Controller works fine.


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