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Kokkola 2021

Last summer we had cabin from Kokkola. Bikes to trailer and hoping to find some nice roads and places there.

Made one mistake and forgot my navigation phone home so navigation was pain. Phone from pocket check where to go, then phone back to pocket and repeat this many many times.

So here we have initial plan, that was not the final one. Quite often I need to change routes on fly, as its hard to know exactly what kind road it is before you get there.

So plan was ride as close as possible of sea. Once I was riding I quite soon realized that I wont see sea and as I was riding night, I will wakeup everyone as there were plenty of cabins. So I was trying to be as silent as possible while passing cabins.

Here are some images while heading to Pietarsaari (Jakobstad).

I visited in Old port and then headed to Ådö fishing port. Again route went trough some nice neighbourhood and as I didn’t have easy navigation, I lost my self couple time there, but finally was able to get out from that maze.

When coming back from Ådö fishing port I had planned nice offroad section, but once I was there I quickly noticed that “road” was not there anymore even seen in map. So I needed to reroute and basically drive back long way to be able to continue heading Fäboda caféstrand / Pikkuhiekka beach.

Pikkuhiekka beach was great place. Took my snacks and Coca-cola and sit down in rocks. I was planning to visit there again when cafeteria would be open, as it has some great views to sea. Anyway that didnt happen in this trip so maybe next time.

After enjoying moment of silence it was time to head back. Again some nice roads, but once time one road went directly trough someone’s yard. I try to avoid those situations, but rerouting was not possible in that state. So idling as silent as possible I passed the house and hoped that I didn’t wake up anyone.

It was around 3 AM when I got back to our cottage. It was great trip even there was way less gravel roads that I was hoping and again weather was great even it was getting bit chilly at night.