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Fresh look with new decals

I’m not too keen how the bike looks like, more important that it works reliable. Anyway some decals were tearing off and I was able to buy complete decal set reasonable price. Probably new decals wont stay good long, but must say it made bike looking more fresh.

Project was quite straight forward, first we take off all plastics from bike.

Then using heat gun or hairdryer warm decals/stickers and peel those off. For me some decals where not leaving easily or they left, but glue was left to plastic. I was using glue remover to get everything off. Same time I washed all plastics well.

Plastics were also quite scratched so I took polishing machine and gave some round with it to every plastic.

I also used C4 plastic recovery / shield it will make old plastic look like new. Works also for car detailing.

Stickers/Decals were delivered like this without any instructions what should go where, but after testing everything found own place.

Final product looks fine if not looking too closely… as there might be some air bubbles etc, but works for me.