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Broken mirrors

I have broken my mirrors quite frequently. Usually it happens when I flip me and my bike while exceeding my skill level. I have bought mirror from Aliexpress and those are aroung 15-20e pair. Even price is reasonable for those aliexpress mirrors, I was looking Doubletake mirrors, but those are really expensive.

Now I broke again mirror when I was heading to work and decided that now it is time to get more durable mirrors. I had set mirrors to my amazon shopping cart long time ago. I went to check shopping cart and noticed that price was 170e and last time when I checked it was 150e. So it seems that prices are going up in every project.

I got tip from friend that Bikes peak is selling those and price with postage is 153e. So I placed order and now we are waiting that those will arrive. Will update here once those are received.

I was also testing gopro same time and it captured this little crash perfectly.

While waiting new mirrors to arrive better to stay away from bigger roads as I noticed that its quite uncomfortable to drive when you don’t have mirrors and there are plenty of other traffic.

Below one reel from my Instagram account where I was staying away from big roads. if you are using also Instagram press follow and make sure you don’t miss any new posts there.