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KTM 690 enduro R fuel pump replacement

As I mentioned in WAW post KTM fuel pump is quite easy to get overheating if you run with too low fuel. While I was in WAW drip I run out of fuel and after that my bike started to have stall issues when ever fuel level was getting low. Usually it was working fine when tank is full, but hot summer day was even then tricky.

So what to do… Original part is quite costly so after looking around internet I found new pump set from . I was asking before buying that it is good for my bike. Answer was yes, but all parts in set was not fitting.

Once I received pump it was time to start getting that replaced. First try to get fuel tank as empty as possible before starting.

Remove exhaust and back fenders. After that remove mudguard. After that lift bike up and remove rear tyre to get more space.

Before you continue make sure that you have fuel line disconnection tool available. In some videos on YouTube it was said that its possible to disconnect without but at least I could not do that. I got help from friend who 3d printed tools for me from

once you

So clean up pump cover area and then loose 4 screws and pull pump out from tank.

Once pump is removed you are almost completed. Remove all zip ties and also remove clamps to get fuel filter also off from fuel line. Remove pump from cover, replace but new pump in, replace filters with new ones and you are ready to install pump back. Pump kit had 2 clamps but that is not enough, so you need to get some more to get everything replaced correctly.

There was also fuel regulator and new fuel filter in pump kit, but those didnt fit to my bike. There was correct filter in local part shop price was about 4 euros (Mahle KL 15 or HENGST 148-H104WK). Also Regulator was incorrect so I put old one back. Regulator is located behind other side of pump cover. You can just pull it out and put new back. (again there is 4 screws that are holding that cover in place)

First start-up will take some time as there is air in fuel lines. I but power on couple times so that pump is pushing fuel to lines, before I even tried to start. Same time you can hear if pump is working at all.

After pump change bike was running smoother and no stall issues anymore.

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