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Clutch repair kit

Winter driving was too much for clutch piston cover. While I was enjoying winter driving in local roads I noticed that clutch was getting really soft and it was difficult to change gear. Luckily I was able to get home and noticed that rubber cover was torn.

This caused all hydraulic fluid to came off and clutch stops working. So then we started to look where we could get only this rubber, but quite soon it was find out that it is not sold separately. You need to buy full repairkit.

So we need to remove clutch lever and cylinder from handlebar. Then remove lock socket and piston and spring will jump off.

Put new parts in place as opposite order.
Final step is fill hydraulic lines with fluid. I did from slave cylinder side to get all air off from system easily. I used some syringe that I had at home, but I recommend to purchase one that is mean for job.

so loose air nut from slave cylinder and push fluid from there. Once Master cylinder is full (check full mark) close air nut.

That’s it.

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