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Moto Adventure Days 2023

So in previous post I was riding to this event. I have been working quite long to get all videos out, but finally it is done.

You can find whole videos series from this link: Remember that all my videos are containing subtitles, so turn those on if you are not too familiar with Finnish language.

photo by PatchedBandit

Some written comments about the event below.

Moto Adventure days is 4 days event, or actually 3 days as Sunday is final day and only activity is to eat breakfast pack your gears and ride to home.

This was my first time in event and I selected just the basic set no extra trainings or anything as I was not sure what those could be. Are those even beneficial to me who rides most of the time in small roads and sometimes even in quite tricky places.

So I arrived to event avenue Thursday bit before 11:00 that was mentioned in info letter to be opening time. Everything was in place already then and I just walked in and said my name to desk. I got keys to my room and all attendees got nice looking Moto Adventure days jersey.

Once I found my room and had unload the bike I already noticed couple familiar persons that I have had change to meet earlier too. Thursday afternoon we had first ride and groups were shared based the information that participants were giving when sign-up the event.

Before first ride there was emergency training available that take 1 hour. Emergency training was giving good and easy to remember tips for motorbiking and and also for any accident that might happen.

Thursday track was not most technical one and I was bit disappointed to it. Once we were back I was asking that are there more challenging trails under this difficult level that was named RedBlack. Black was most difficult and blue easiest. So RedBlack was right behind Black. So I was expecting quite tricky things already on that.

Once I gave my feedback to organizer they right away recommended some other tracks that was known to be more technical ones.

Every day before dinner there was empty list available and you were able to choose what you want to do next day.

So I looked the tracks that was recommended and also I wanted to go check free adventure training.

Looks that I was quite happy after first day when filling papers for next day rides.

Friday started with good breakfast and at 9:00 those who was registered to adventure training meet is training track.

In Adventure training we went trough correct riding position. Cornering in soft sand and normal riding in sand with some bumps as well as getting over obstacles on the road.

I was also checking that full day training would also be quite useful as they had plenty of time to repeat things and were able to go more challenging things.

After lunch it was time to go ride again. This time track was really good as promised. There was single trails and mud and water, basically everything that makes good adventure.

In event there was also professional photographers to take nice photos from everyone who participated to event.

Then again riding back to event avenue checking what tracks you want to ride next day and then really good dinner.

As a bonus there was night ride on Friday. We ride really nice roads and finally ended top of Himos (hill) to grill some sausages.

Saturday morning was starting really early as first ride started 08:00 and before that you needed to eat breakfast and be ready to ride. So I woke up around 06:00 and went to eat. Then needed to fill-up bike and go to start place.

Once again trail was really nice maybe not as technical as Thursday second track, but it was really enjoyable anyway.

once we were back from riding I had change to go test ride Aprilia Tuareg 660 that I have tested in my videos earlier, but wanted to test it again. That bike feels still really nice and I could think to own one of those one day.

Lunch and then back in riding again Saturday afternoon ride was last one ride on the event. This time trail was quite simple even I crashed once in soft sand, but that was because of too slow speed. (yes I know it is excuse always)

Once back it was time to end dinner and end party.

Sunday I ride back to home it was around 400km and I found again some really nice and interesting roads. It was really nice to meet so many people that you have been discussing in social platforms, but never meet in person. I don’t believe that there are any other event that is collecting so many offroad riders in same place same time.

Next year if MAD is going to happen I will try black ones (the hardest) at least once to known can I make those or not.