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21 Brothers CLASSIC SAKWY 20L soft pannier

Got a pair of classic sakwy 20l soft panniers as xmas present and now as summer is finally here I was able to test them. There are tons of options out there, but I was trying to find something good for the money that wont cause Bankruptcy.

I had bought one set of bags from XLMOTO, but when I was trying to setup those it was pain and those did not really fit for off-road riding. I needed to use plenty of zip ties to keep those in pace and even then those needed to be looked after the whole trip. In the end also one of the clips went broken and it was also opening all the time.

So It was time to think other options. I was thinking that I will get Lomo Motorcycle Adventure Pannier Dry Bags as those are quite good price and are looking quite good in videos too. These were out of stock when I was purchasing bags so next option was 21 Brothers classic sakwy. These are bit more expensive than Lomo, but are still in good price range. You can find these from their web page: 21 Brothers. Once order is received they will send you email about paying options and estimated timeline when product is ready. Usually 2-3 weeks from order.

I was taking all straps and belts that were offered in order to secure fastening to bike. There wasn’t any instructions about options how to tighten those for different racks, but after searching I was able to find one YouTube video that was giving some hints.

Here bags are quite empty just added some ski boots there to get some weight on those. Even I ordered all belts there was missing ones that could be used for up and bottom part of the bag. So after some chat with friend who had same set, it turned not to bee mistake as he didn’t either have them. So I bought those traps from store to get it secured from top and bottom too.

I will report more once I get to my longer trip during next month.

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